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Let me introduce myself...

Hello! My name is Christine and I am looking forward to welcoming you to my clinic, a private and peaceful sanctuary in the hills of Ibiza that I like to think takes the ‘Hospital’ out of Hospitality.


A relaxing space is what I have worked on having in my own life and I pride myself on the sharing of that with my patients too. None the less, professionalism comes first, deeply engraved from my 30 year career and my passion for nursing. Performing more than 70.000 injectable skin treatments, educating my patients has become second nature. 

My professional objective is to raise the standards within the aesthetic industry- making a clear distinction between the unregulated beauty world and into the realms of medicine and nursing (as it should be). 

However, bedside manner is my super skill, I believe my down to earth humour and kindness reminds people of how a true nurse should leave you feeling.


Wife of Andy and owner of our lovely dog Elsie, I try to appreciate each day and the life I have created, and I love sharing a piece of that through my work and with you.

Do get in touch through my contact page or give me a ring, I would love to chat!


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